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    Hi, everyone, I’d like to introduce you a wonderful game for iPhone and iPhone touch.

    :DAnrufen Online, a new MMORPG for iPhone is finally available at App Store on Jan 25, 2010. Developed and published by WiSTONE Entertainment, the game throws you in fantastic missions and fights with/against thousands of players with sword and magic.

    Anrufen Online brings out all the best aspects of PC-style of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game on iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The game is featuring:

    - Two classes: Knight and Wizard with specialized class skills for your choice
    - Exciting, real-time combat against monsters or other players
    - Rich interactivity between players, like teamed dungeon raid and friend making
    - Raise Familiars and summon them to fight for you
    - Elegant, easy-to-use interface, with an isometric viewpoint
    - Huge, beautiful fantasy themed world and dozens of monsters, hundreds of weapons, armors and items
    - High streamlined and conducive to short or long play sessions

    The game is free for registration and play in 8 of total 34 regions of the game world, and $12.99 for a 90 days subscription with full game experience and service.

    Click here to get it!
    iTunes Store

    Game Video
    YouTube - iPhone MMORPG Anrufen Online




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